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Costa Rica is a tremendous destination to visit. It is a beautiful rainforested country in Central America located at the shores of the Caribbean and the Pacific ocean. San Jose- the capital city of the country is the most loved and most visited city in the country. Though it is a hub of cultural institutions, Costa Rica is best known for its white sandy beaches, volcanos, and biodiversity. 


Every year millions of people visit this beautiful country. While some people come to this place to witness and enjoy its spellbinding natural heritage, others aim at living their adventurous dreams. Altogether, Costa Rica is a complete package of fun for every visitor. 


However, before you plan a Costa Rica trip, it is advisable for you to know which is the perfect time to visit the country according to your requirements and priorities. This article will help you with this. 


Determine Your Goals and Prepare a Checklist 

You would have many goals and wishes in mind that you want to fulfill on your Costa Rica trip. Prepare a checklist for that, it would give you an idea for choosing the right time slot or season for your trip. Suppose you plan to spend lots of time on beaches, in that case, sunny days would be ideal. On the other hand, if you don’t mind getting a bit wet while enjoying the tropical rainforest and wildlife of the country, rainy days wouldn’t be a bad option. 


Costa Rica Climate 

Costa Rica experiences a pleasant tropical climate year-round. The average temperature of the country remains around 18 degrees Celsius. There are two seasons in the country: the summer or dry season and the winter or rainy season. The summer begins in December and continues to April while the rainy season stays around from May to November. 


The Best Time to Visit Costa Rica According to Weather 

The dry season- from mid-December to April is the peak tourist season. You can witness a huge crowd on the beaches, marketplaces, and other popular tourist attractions throughout this season. 


July and August also host lots of visitors. Some people love visiting the country in the summer while others prefer rainy days. It all comes down to your requirements, preferences, and priorities. If you don’t mind the crowd and a little humidity, the dry season is the perfect time to visit Costa Rica. You can also explore and enjoy the best of the tropical rainforest and wildlife of Costa Rica during the dry season. 


Rainy days are also not a bad option if you are fine with it. Though you may experience some hassles during rainy days, witnessing the scenic wildlife view from your bedroom and enjoying the adventurous beach life will give you extra value for your investment. 


The Best Time to Visit Costa Rica According to the Cost 

Generally, planning a Costa Rica trip is affordable but the trip cost may vary depending on your requirements and demands. If you add lots of meaningful activities (like trailing, mountain riding, water sports, a wildlife tour, etc.) to your trip, it would be a little expensive. The time duration of your trip also matters in deciding your trip cost. 


Moreover, the weather is another important factor that plays a significant role to decide your trip cost. If you book your trip in the dry season, it could be a little costly due to the high traffic. You may also have to book your trip many weeks or months ago in the summer. While planning your trip in the winter season or on rainy days is relatively less expensive. If you want to avoid the crowd and extra expenses, rainy days would be ideal for you. 


Affordable Villas in All Seasons 

The best thing about Costa Rica is that you can easily find affordable Costa Rica house rental with chefs in all seasons. No matter the summer or rainy season, the beautiful beach towns provide you with an extensive range of luxurious villas and apartments at incredibly lower prices. Moreover, you may get more cuts in villas’ prices during the rainy seasons due to lower demands. 


The Final Thought 

All seasons are great to visit incredible Costa Rica. Yes, you may face different things in different seasons, but whether your expectations are getting fulfilled or not matters the most. If a particular season or period meets all your expectations, it is the best time to visit Costa Rica. Your experience also matters a lot. 


In the end, it is advisable that you first must prepare a checklist of your requirements, wishes, and things to do in Costa Rica. It would surely help you select the right time slot for your trip. Most people prefer to visit this incredible country from mid-December to April while July to August is also a most loved time slot for Costa Rica visitors. We advise you to just make sure you could have a great experience during your trip, irrespective of the season.  


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