Having Your Destination Wedding at a Costa Rica Villa

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Costa Rica Villa: A Destination Wedding Experience

If you’re a fan of sandy beaches and beautiful wildlife, it’s easy to understand why 1.7 million tourists choose to go to Costa Rica each year. It’s even easier to choose Costa Rica as your luxury wedding venue. You’ll feel the romantic serenity as the water laps at the shore when you say “I do.”

But what makes a Costa Rica villa the best choice for your destination wedding? We’re going to take a look at some of the specifics here, so read on to learn the many benefits of both Costa Rica’s tropical climate and the luxury services that our villa offers.

Costa Rica: A Tropical Paradise

The first reason to choose a Costa Rica villa for your wedding is its area. This beautiful part of Central America is home to 5% of all the world’s biodiversity, so you’ll have the opportunity to see plants and wildlife that you couldn’t at home. You’ll find this wildlife in beautiful rainforests, swamps, and cloud forests.

Whether you want to see coral reeds, howler monkeys, or sea turtles, you won’t be disappointed!

Costa Rica also is home to a lot of beautiful volcanoes, making the many beach areas have naturally warm water. The sunny weather and relaxing hot springs are also natural reasons that the country is known for. 

Idyllic beaches to relax on are only one facet of Costa Rica’s greatness. You also will find many thrilling outdoor activities across the nation including surfing, scuba diving, and rainforest zip-lining. There are tons of ways to be active while experiencing its well-maintained environment.

Private Beach Trails and Romantic Island Shops

When you choose a Costa Rica villa for your wedding, you’ll have ready access to beachside views and exclusive activities. One way that our villa gets you in touch with nature is by giving you an exclusive private beach trail. You can walk with your newlywed spouse to the beach in under a mile, which is ideal for a romantic pre-wedding or post-wedding ambiance.

The villa also is near many different shops and restaurants that you can go to. Whether you want a night out with your bridesmaids or an early start to your honeymoon, there’s a shopping area that you’ll love. Our concierge is happy to direct you to the best off-site activities and events to ensure that you experience the area to the fullest.

Fine Dining and Beverages to Match

Speaking of restaurants and dining, you won’t even need to leave the villa to access some of the best food in Costa Rica.

When you rent out our luxury beach vacation home as our wedding venue, you get access to a gourmet chef that provides you with fresh custom meals. While food costs are not included with the venue, you can conveniently access these delicious dishes from within the villa.

We also offer a plethora of beverages (which can be ordered with our concierge) for you to enjoy with your guests. These can come to you in the form of room service, but you can take them anywhere in your privately-booked villa. Your wedding should be a special day in all senses of the word, and we’re here to make it breezy and fun.

The outdoor bar and grill is a perfect place to enjoy some food and drink, so make sure to check it out! You’ll have an amazing view of the beach while enjoying gourmet burgers or cocktails.

Luxury Spa Services

The on-site spa is one of the best offerings at our villa. You can get massages and facials while at your wedding venue to relax and spend time with your bridesmaids or new spouse. You also can use the spa to primp and prepare for your trip down the aisle.

Even if you aren’t working on your skin or makeup, a spa is a great place to relieve stress. Weddings can be anxiety-inducing since you can’t possibly plan for every possibility. It’s good that you know you have a place to decompress with a professional masseuse.

Amazing Views from Your Villa Space

Regardless of when you come to Costa Rica, you’ll get an amazing view of the country from your villa. If you come at any point between December and August, you’ll be treated to sunshine and idyllic beach scenes. However, you’re in for another treat if you come between September and November: the rainy season.

The top floor of our villa is an amazing experience when it rains. It also provides you with a gorgeous window view from any one of our rooms. It’s just as beautiful as the sunny season but in a different way.

Plus, since the rainy season doesn’t attract as many tourists, it’s ideal for those who want to go out without getting caught up in crowds. You can experience Costa Rican town life and gorgeous scenery without needing to contend with large crowds or long wait times for attractions.

Regardless of which season you choose to visit, you’ll be treated to the best sites in Costa Rica when you purchase destination wedding packages at our luxury villa.

Rent Our Costa Rica Villa Today

Now that you know why a Costa Rica villa is the perfect choice for your destination wedding, it’s time to consider a magnificent wedding venue in Manuel Antonio, Vista Hermosa Estate. We rent our entire villa for exclusive use to one group at a time, so you can have privacy while you prep for your wedding (and party afterward).

Our team is excited to help you plan your luxurious destination wedding in Costa Rica with multiple amenities and private accommodations. Book the villa today to get your dream wedding venue locked down!


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