Manuel Antonio Hotels, Resorts and Rentals, Your Ultimate Guide

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Planning a vacation to Costa Rica is one of the best decisions that you will ever make. The country is brimming with natural beauty, a vibrant culture, and adventurous activities for you and your fellow travelers to experience.

Manuel Antonio is one of the highlights of this region, with thousands of tourists discovering this vacation gem every year. About a 3-hour drive from San Jose, it’s the perfect combination of nearby national parks, pristine beaches, stunning hotels, and the pura vida lifestyle.

Part of what makes a vacation great is the accommodations that you choose. With so many wonderful hotels in Manuel Antonio, you’ll have an abundance of choices of where you stay that will serve as a home base for your daily excursions, whether they are to Manuel Antonio National Park, the nearby beaches, or into town. Choosing the right rental can turn your vacation into an experience of paradise.

What Makes Manuel Antonio So Special?

Nestled along the stunning beaches of the Pacific coast, Manuel Antonio has long been a favorite among nature enthusiasts, sun-seekers, and foodies alike. At its heart lies the renowned Manuel Antonio National Park, a true natural wonder boasting some of the most biodiverse habitats on the planet. Despite the growing popularity of this tropical utopia, Manuel Antonio has managed to maintain a delicate balance between development and conservation, preserving much of its lush green rainforest for future generations to enjoy. And while there is no shortage of tourism-based businesses and hotels dotting the jungle forested hills to go along with it’s vibrant restaurant scene, Manuel Antonio’s pristine beaches and unspoiled vistas remain the main draw for visitors from around the world.

A Wide Range of The Best Manuel Antonio Hotels

Despite its small size, Manuel Antonio offers a plethora of hotel, resort, and villa options to choose from, catering to all types of travelers and different sized groups. Some of these accommodations are located in close proximity to the acclaimed Manuel Antonio National Park, offering visitors easier access to fully immerse themselves in the park’s natural splendor. Others are situated closer to the main part of town, with easy access to local restaurants, shops, and the beach. Whether you’re looking for a secluded villa, cheap hotels, luxury hotels, a place with vibrant nightlife activities, or a hotel in a central location to explore all that Manuel Antonio has to offer, there is no shortage of comfortable and convenient Manuel Antonio hotels to suit your needs. Lets have a look at some of the best hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals in Manuel Antonio.

Arenas Del Mar Beachfront Rainforest Resort

Arenas del Mar Beachfront Resort Manuel Antonio

If you want a 5-star boutique hotel on the Quepos Peninsula, then you should consider the Arenas Del Mar Beachfront and Rainforest Resort. This upscale getaway includes private access to two beautiful beaches in Manuel Antonio, Playitas Beach and Espadilla Beach.

Arenas Del Mar Beachfront Rainforest Resort also includes two restaurants:

The first, El Mirador Restaurant, is located at the main building of the resort and offers amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. Here, guests can savor a variety of gourmet dishes, including fresh seafood and local cuisine, made with sustainable and locally sourced ingredients.

The second restaurant in Arenas Del Mar is Playitas Restaurant, is located right on the beach, allowing diners to enjoy their meals with their toes in the sand. This more casual eatery offers a range of delicious dishes, including wood-fired pizzas, sandwiches, and salads.

With several swimming pools, a spa, and an open-air dining area. This resort is one of the best luxury hotels in Costa Rica, let alone Manuel Antonio.

Makanda By the Sea

Makanda By The Sea Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

You can’t talk about Manuel Antonio’s best hotels without mentioning Makanda By the Sea resort. This luxury hotel is for adults only, so it is perfect for a romantic getaway like a honeymoon or anniversary trip. 

Renowned for its impeccable modern designs, Makanda By The Sea is undoubtedly one of the best hotels in Manuel Antonio for visiting couples. With its rooms boasting ocean views, a private small pool area, and direct access to the beach, this hotel offers the perfect combination of luxury and natural beauty, providing the ultimate romantic getaway for couples seeking a memorable experience.

This 5-star resort is a short walk from the secluded Playa Biesanz beach.

Los Altos Resort Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio Hotels Los Altos Resort

If you are looking for a good value, then Los Altos Resort falls right into this category. Los Altos Resort is a 4-star hotel features free Wi-Fi, a hot tub, a pool, spectacular views from upper rooms, and a slew of restaurants and bars right across the street. You can easily spend a week at Los Altos Resort and never get tired of its convenient location and diverse room options. If you are searching for a hotel near the vibrant town center and be able to walk to the beach, Los Altos resort should be high on your list.

La Mariposa Hotel Manuel Antonio

Hotel La Mariposa Manuel Antonio

La Mariposa Hotel is one of the best hotels in Manuel Antonio, known for showcasing some of the most stunning ocean and rainforest views in the area. The hotel’s spacious and well-appointed rooms and suites offer all the modern amenities, including free Wi-Fi and fully equipped kitchens, ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay.

La Mariposa Hotel is also family-friendly, offering a range of activities and services to entertain children and adults alike including several swimming pools and a swim up bar. With its prime location in the heart of Manuel Antonio, guests can easily access nearby attractions, including the Manuel Antonio National Park. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, short walking distance to shops and restaurants, a fully equipped kitchen, this gorgeous hotel in Manuel Antonio is the perfect destination for a memorable Costa Rican vacation.

Sí Como No Resort & Wildlife Refuge

Manuel Antonio hotels Si Como No Resort

Located in the heart of the Manuel Antonio area, Sí Como No Resort & Wildlife Refuge is one of the most popular hotels in the region, and it’s not hard to see why. Upon arrival, guests are welcomed by an impressive lobby adorned with lush vegetation and exotic birds, providing a taste of the incredible natural wonders that await.

This adults-only resort boasts an array of spacious suites, each decorated with local artwork and featuring stunning views of the surrounding jungle. When it comes to dining, the resort’s restaurant serves up a range of delicious dishes, including fresh seafood caught daily by local fishermen.

But what sets Sí Como No apart from most hotels in Manuel Antonio is its unique wildlife refuge. Here, guests can get up close and personal with a variety of creatures, including monkeys, sloths, and toucans. It’s an experience that truly captures the essence of Costa Rica’s rich biodiversity.

Issimo Suites Boutique Hotel

Situated between Shana By The Beach resort and Hotel Oceans Two – Manuel Antonio, Issimo Suites Boutique Hotel is a gem among the many popular hotels in the area. From the moment you arrive, you’re greeted with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the lush tropical jungle that surrounds the property.

With just 12 suites, Issimo Suites offers an intimate and personalized stay in Manuel Antonio. Each suite is thoughtfully designed with modern amenities and elegant furnishings, making it the perfect place to unwind after a day exploring the nearby beaches or national park.

One of the standout features of Issimo Suites is the hotel’s infinity pool, which offers a panoramic view of the ocean and is the perfect spot to enjoy a sunset. The hotel also has an on-site restaurant that serves up delicious Costa Rican cuisine.

This hotel is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for an exclusive and luxurious stay in Manuel Antonio. It’s the perfect retreat for those seeking a tranquil getaway in the heart of Costa Rica’s stunning natural landscape.

Parador Resort & Spa Manuel Antonio

Located at Quepos Point in Manuel Antonio, the Parador Resort & Spa is one of the original hotels in the area and continues to be one of the most popular hotels in Manuel Antonio. From the moment you step into the lobby, you’ll be greeted with stunning views of the sea and lush tropical rainforest.

The hotel boasts a range of luxurious rooms and suites, each designed to provide maximum comfort and relaxation for guests. And when it comes to dining, the Parador Resort & Spa has you covered, with two on-site restaurants that serve up delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

Families traveling with kids will love the hotel’s location, which is just a short distance from some of the area’s top attractions, including Manuel Antonio National Park. And when you’re not out exploring, you can take a dip in the hotel’s pool or relax at the bar and enjoy a refreshing drink.

Overall, the Parador Resort & Spa is the perfect hotel for those seeking a luxurious and relaxing stay in Manuel Antonio. With its stunning location, top-notch amenities, and friendly staff, it’s no wonder this hotel is such a favorite among visitors to the area.

Gaia Hotel and Reserve

Known as a 5-star barefoot luxury hotel, if you’re looking for a truly unique and luxurious stay in Manuel Antonio, look no further than the Gaia Hotel and Reserve. This 5-star boutique hotel is located a little closer to the town of Quepos than many of the others. Gaia Hotel includes a beautiful outdoor pool, free wifi and parking, vegan/global dining options, a spa, and jungle views. This stunning hotel boasts a range of rooms and suites, each designed to provide maximum comfort and relaxation for guests. And with its stunning location in the middle of a private nature reserve, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the lush rainforest that surrounds the property.

The Gaia Hotel and Reserve also features a range of top-notch amenities, including an infinity pool that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. And with its commitment to sustainability and conservation, you can feel good about staying at a hotel that is doing its part to protect the natural beauty of Manuel Antonio.

Less Expensive Hotel Options in Manuel Antonio

Hotel Manuel Antonio Park

Do you want instant access to Manuel Antonio National Park? You cannot stay any closer to the main entrance than Hotel Manuel Antonio Park. This low-cost option is within walking distance of Manuel Antonio National Park and features great views of both the ocean and the rainforest, as well as a faster route to Manuel Antonio Beach in the park.

Hotel Costa Verde

Manuel Antonio hotels Costa Verde Hotel

Perhaps you want to spend your money on other parts of your trip and are looking for a better deal for hotels in Manuel Antonio. Located on Manuel Antonio’s main road and one of the more popular hotels in Manuel Antonio, Hotel Costa Verde is a standout among the many hotels in the area. Offering spectacular views of Playa Espadilla and the national park, this hotel is a godsend for nature lovers. Hotel Costa Verde is a 3-star hotel that offers plenty of amenities without costing hundreds and hundreds of dollars per night. 

With its affordable rates, free parking, and Wi-Fi, Hotel Costa Verde is an excellent choice for budget-conscious travelers. And for those seeking a more luxurious experience, stay in the hotel’s adult building that include elegant suites with amazing panoramic ocean view vistas that offer the ideal retreat for couples or solo travelers or stay in the hotels iconic fuselage airplane suite.

But what truly sets Hotel Costa Verde apart is its commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation. The hotel has implemented a range of eco-friendly initiatives, including using solar power, composting, and minimizing waste.

Overall, Hotel Costa Verde is the consummate choice for travelers seeking a comfortable and environmentally responsible stay in the Manuel Antonio area. With its amazing views, convenient location, and affordable rates, it’s no wonder this hotel is a favorite among visitors to the area.

Falls Resort Manuel Antonio

Falls Resort provides guests with low-key quarters, lush gardens, an outdoor pool, and easy access to Manuel Antonio National Park. Falls Resort is a very affordable hotel is ideal for those who want a simple place to stay that is easy to get around town or visit Manuel Antonio National Park during the day.

Private Villas of Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Hotels in Manuel Antonio can certainly provide you with beautiful accommodations, but maybe you are looking for a more high-end and private experience during your stay in Costa Rica. For that, you can check out some of the most beautiful villas in the country.

Vista Hermosa Estate in Manuel Antonio

costa rica all inclusive family resorts

You can’t beat this luxury villa in Manuel Antonio, especially if you are traveling with a larger group. Boasting some of the best panoramic views in Manuel Antonio from its top floor infinity pool. When you rent this luxury villa, it comes with a personal concierge, private chef, and other amazing staff will make you feel like royalty at Vista Hermosa Estate. Just a short walk can take you through the tropical rainforest to a beautiful public beach. Vista Hermosa Estate boasts an incredible entertainment floor perched high that offers spectacular views of the ocean and jungle that are impossible to beat.

Vista Hermosa Estate outshines any resort in every aspect. With its exceptional features like complete privacy, dedicated personal staff, and the added luxury of a private chef, the experience it offers is truly unparalleled.

Manuel Antonio Estates

Looking for a gated community filled with villa rental options in Manuel Antonio? The Manuel Antonio Estates are best for traveling groups that want private rentals with 1-7 bedrooms available. You can even choose to rent a golf cart during your stay to make it easier to get around.

Tulemar Resort Bungalows and Villas

Hotels in Manuel Antonio Tulemar Resort

This little oasis is one of the most popular places to stay in Manuel Antonio. Tulemar Resort offers Bungalows and Villas with a more private living experience for travelers with the usual hotel amenities. Notable amenities include cozy rooms, easy access to their private beach, and incredible views of the Pacific Ocean. Free parking and free wifi come with each rental, and some Tulemar bungalows even have fully equipped kitchens. For a higher average price, you can enjoy Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica with a little more privacy staying at one of the many Tulemar Bungalows inside this community.

Tulemar Resort Bungalows and Villas is a true gem among the many hotels in Manuel Antonio. One of the standout items of Tulemar Resort is its private beach, which is just a short distance from the bungalows and villas. Here, guests can soak up the sun, enjoy a refreshing swim in the ocean, or simply relax with a good book.

But what truly sets Tulemar Bungalows Resort apart from other Manuel Antonio hotels is its commitment to environmental preservation and conservation. The resort has implemented a range of eco-friendly initiatives, including using solar power and composting.

Tulemar Resort Bungalows and Villas is the ideal choice for travelers seeking a luxurious and environmentally responsible stay in Manuel Antonio. With its stunning location, top-notch amenities, and commitment to sustainability, it’s no wonder this resort is a favorite among visitors to the area.

Why Stay in Manuel Antonio?

As one of the top vacation spots in Costa Rica, as well as the greater Central America region, Manuel Antonio has a enormous amount of attractions to entice travelers to this tropical oasis. 

If you’re planning a visit to Costa Rica, you simply can’t miss a stay in Manuel Antonio. This beachside town is home to some of the best hotels in Manuel Antonio, and offers a wealth of natural and cultural highlights that will keep you entertained for days.

First and foremost, Manuel Antonio Beach inside the national park is a must-visit destination. This pristine stretch of sand is flanked by lush jungle and crystal-clear waters, making it the perfect place to soak up the sun and take a dip in the ocean. There are also several beach areas in Manuel Antonio National Park that offer a more secluded and intimate experience. Other beautiful beaches in Manuel Antonio include Espadilla Beach, Biesanz Beach, and Playitas Beach.

But Manuel Antonio isn’t just about the beach. The city center is a bustling hub of activity, with abundance of restaurants, bars, and shops to explore. And for families visiting with children, there are many of family-friendly events to enjoy, such as horseback riding, ziplining, and snorkeling.

For those looking for a more luxurious experience, there are several all-inclusive hotels in Manuel Antonio that offer top-notch amenities and services. But even if you’re on a budget, there are plenty of affordable options to choose from. 

But perhaps what makes Manuel Antonio truly special is its status as a mecca for adventurous tours. From hiking in the national park, kayaking along the coast, and ziplining through the jungle canopy there’s no shortage of adrenaline-pumping experiences to be had. So if you’re looking for a destination that’s off the beaten path but offers a good deal of excitement and natural beauty, be sure to stay in Manuel Antonio.

Manuel Antonio National Park

One of the most biodiverse national parks on the planet is right in Manuel Antonio. This national park is filled with exotic wildlife, tropical rainforest, and pristine nearby beaches including the renown Manuel Antonio beach. Take the main trail which will give you plenty of ocean views and encounters with native animals.

The Pura Vida Lifestyle

Pura vida is not only the slogan of Tico’s, its their way of life. Translated, in means “pure life”, and their lifestyle reflects this key aspect of Costa Rican culture. Everything from the language to the customs to the food served at many restaurants in Manuel Antonio reflect this concept. Manuel Antonio is an excellent location to immerse yourself in the pura vida customs of the people of Costa Rica.

Plan Your Manuel Antonio Vacation Today

So what are you waiting for? Book your flight to San Jose International Airport and reserve a hotel, resort, or vacation rental. From the hotels to the national park to the beach, Manuel Antonio can provide everything you need for a paradise vacation. Stay at a boutique hotel with free Wi-Fi, a hotel shuttle to nearby attractions, and access to great restaurants. Rent out a private villa for the family where you can admire the Pacific Ocean from your rooms or relax in a private pool. Head to Biesanz Beach to swim in the Pacific Ocean or relax on the pristine sands.

There are other well-known cheap hotels and all inclusive hotels in Manuel Antonio that were not even featured in this list, there’s just too many to include in one blog. But one thing is for sure, you don’t have to worry about exchanging US Dollars into the local currency as it is accepted everywhere in Costa Rica

There are so many room options for various hotel and villa rentals in Manuel Antonio. You’re sure to find one that suits your traveling needs with Pacific Ocean views, access to a private beach, wi-fi, comfortable rooms, or an outdoor pool, for the most unforgettable vacation ever!


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