Couples Spa Retreats, the Ultimate Costa Rica Staycation

Last updated on March 11th, 2023 at 07:22 am

While Costa Rica averaged nearly 3.2 million visitors in 2019, it dropped to a million in 2020. Now that tourism has picked back up, Costa Rica is becoming a hot spot destination for many travelers. But is it the right destination for your next couples spa retreats?

In short – yes! Costa Rica has everything from sun-kissed beaches, warm temperatures, dense jungles, and volcanic mountains. It appeals to adventurers, scuba divers, and beach loungers. 

Rather than jumping from hotels or figuring out a spa itinerary, we have put together a complete guide on why Vista Hermosa Estate in Costa Rica should be your next spa retreat and how to get started today, so keep reading for more information!

What Are Couples Spa Retreats?

Before diving into why Costa Rica is one of the best spa retreats for couples, let’s look at what “spa retreats” are. At its core, a spa retreat is the epitome of relaxation and rejuvenation. 

A couples spa retreat can help you create memorable moments and spend quality time together. Everyone needs time to recoup or recharge from life’s stressors. You can think of a couples spa retreat as self-care, but for couples!

This could even occur as a day couples spa retreat when vacationing with a family. Couples that are apart of a multi-family all-inclusive resort would love to getaway for the day and enjoy a couples spa retreat! 

What’s Included in a Couples Spa Retreat?

The ideal couples spa retreat (or couples wellness retreat) should have something for everyone, whether that be couples massages, facial and body treatments, holistic therapy, private yoga classes, or simply lounging in a luxury infinity-edge pool overlooking the jungle and The Pacific Ocean. A Costa Rica staycation at Vista Hermosa Estate gives you the benefit of a private Costa Rica beachfront villa, but with the amenities of an all-inclusive resort

Here are some popular amenities that you must check out in the ultimate couples vacation:

  • 3-Sided Infinity Edge Pool with 180-degree ocean views
  • Yoga
  • Massage therapy
  • Body treatments
  • Holistic and craniosacral therapy 
  • Facials
  • Hand and feet care
  • Pilates

On top of fantastic spa amenity selections, you’ll get oceanfront views that other online searches won’t beat for “beach house rentals Costa Rica.” Whether you want to take a walk down a private beach trail or schedule gourmet chef meals, the options are endless. 

Yoga and Pilates

At Vista Hermosa Estate, yoga and pilates specials are 75 minutes long. For a couple, your cost is just $40 per person, and if you bring another couple with you, it drops to $20 each. 

If you think yoga and pilates sound more like work and less about relaxation, think again. Research shows that yoga has many mental, physical, and emotional health benefits, such as:

  • Relieves stress
  • Supports optimal health
  • Improves sleep
  • Improves balance
  • Helps manage anxiety and depression
  • Improves quality of life

Nearly 94 percent of adults who practice yoga in the United States do it for improved overall wellness. 

Massage Therapy

You have four main massage therapy options at Vista Hermosa Estate, ranging from 60 minutes to two hours. The two most popular couples massage retreats options are:

  • Pure Bliss Massage
  • Holisynergie Massage

The Pure Bliss Massage uses Swedish massage techniques ideal for releasing muscle tension and general relaxation. Holisynergie Massage is a deep tissue massage that helps release trigger points through Thai manual techniques. 

Body Treatments

When you book a stay at Vista Hermosa Estate, check out some of these full-body spa packages:

  • Chocomokacoco
  • Spicy Ginger Rub
  • Tropical Enzyme Polish
  • Muddy Buddy
  • Aloe Mint Smoothie
  • Slimming Kelp Cocoon

Body treatments are a quick and relaxing way that you and your loved one can relieve stress, detox, and even provide upliftment. Costa Rican body treatments can help with toning, and immune system health, and help you find relief from sunburnt skin.

Holistic and Craniosacral Therapy 

Beach homes in Costa Rica aren’t meant solely for relaxing on a beach (although there will be plenty of opportunities for that). Holistic and craniosacral show vast benefits that can help treat:

  • Low back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Chronic fatigue
  • TMJ pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Studies also show that craniosacral therapy can help individuals who suffer from migraines. It is the perfect therapeutic package to help a couple’s vacation get started on the right (and healthier) foot. 

Facial Treatments

You can refresh, cleanse, and rejuvenate your skin with a simple facial. These are perfect for any couple and use all-organic and natural ingredients for optimal skin health. Some of the options you can pick from are Essenthya Deluxe, Essenthya hydration, and Essenthya Mini.

Hand and Feet Care

Did you know that Men’s Health Magazine recommends males should get pedicures at least once monthly? Pedicures are excellent tools for keeping your feet healthy and avoiding diseases.

And yes – even men can get them! Manicure and pedicure specials at Vista Hermosa Estate specialize in male and female packages starting at just $25. 

Gourmet Chef Options

Have you wondered about places to eat in Manuel Antonio? One of the best features of staying at Vista Hermosa Estate is the private gourmet chef services. If you book a private villa for your couples wellness retreat, personal chef services who will prepare breakfast and dinner daily are included for your entire group. 

Known as one of the finest dining experiences in Costa Rica, our chefs cater to your specific needs, offering daily menus and adjusting meals based on food preferences or allergies. The fresh ingredients come from local vendors, fishermen, and markets for the best ingredients and taste. 

Plan Your Trip to Costa Rica

Couples spa retreats in Costa Rica are an excellent choice for reigniting lost sparks, healing relationships, or just finding an excuse to get away with your loved one. Vista Hermosa Estate is renowned for its top-class amenities, spa packages, and gourmet chef services. 

Vacations shouldn’t be surrounded by stress and worrying about groceries or itineraries. We have you covered with complete spa package options and enough to keep you and your partner relaxed and comfortable while surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Costa Rica. Don’t wait any longer – book now before your dates fill up!


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