Planning a Retreat in Costa Rica: The Ultimate Guide

Did you know that, according to the Embassy of Costa Rica, the number of tourists that visit Costa Rica every year is over 1.7 million? Additionally, the majority of these tourists come from Canada and the United States.

Considering that this is such a popular tourism area—with its beautiful beaches, lush jungles, endless activities in nature, and great places to stay—you might be thinking of planning your next retreat in Costa Rica.

However, you might not be sure where to get started with so many options available. We’re here to explore your options! Costa Rica is a beautiful country, with beaches and lush tropical forests, you’re sure to have an amazing time! Read on to learn more.


What Is a Retreat?

Before we dive into the types of retreats and how to plan one, we’ll answer the question, “What is a retreat?” After all, it’s a lot like a vacation in that you’re going somewhere else and escaping the humdrum nature of everyday life. But it isn’t like one because you aren’t just lounging, either.

At the same time, a retreat isn’t as regimented as a workshop or as business-oriented as a team-building trip a business might plan for their employees.

A retreat is somewhere in the middle of this. It’s an opportunity to plan certain activities with a focus on a specific goal—while still being able to enjoy and relax – this is what Costa Rica has to offer.


What Kinds of Retreats Are There?

At Vista Hermosa Estate, we allow a large number of retreats to be hosted at our Villa. These include couples retreats, yoga retreats, yoga teacher training, wellness retreats, and meditation retreats. We’ll review these now so you can decide the perfect Costa Rica location to host your retreat.


Couples Retreats

When you go on a couples retreat, you’re going somewhere to get away from it all and focus on your relationship with your partner. This is a chance to reset your relationship and refresh it, and to reconnect with each other. Why not bring your best friends and couple along for this amazing experience.


Yoga Retreats and Yoga Teacher Training

A yoga retreat in Costa Rica involves booking a location to host your guest, ideally somewhere beautiful where you can do all your yoga exercises in a unique place such as the beach at sunrise. Imagine your yoga students waking up at first light in our Costa Rica beachfront villa and going straight to class.

There’re many reasons to come to Costa Rica; if you’re planning a yearly yoga retreat for your yogis, consider booking Vista Hermosa Estate for the perfect location to host your guest.


Wellness Retreats

When you go on a wellness retreat, you’re focusing on your health. However, this doesn’t involve an intense exercise program or anything like that. Instead, you’re focusing on mental and emotional wellbeing in addition to health and fitness.


Meditation Retreats

As for a meditation retreat, this is something you do to focus on your meditation practice. For beginners, it can be a chance to get away from distractions and improve meditation. For people who have more experience meditating, it can be a way to focus on improving their meditation even more.


Corporate Retreats

Why not take your team to an exciting, new place? Corporate retreats are a fantastic way for companies of all sizes and industries to show appreciation. With so many options available, it’s hard not to find exactly what you’re looking for: whether that be inspiration or relaxation; Costa Rica is the perfect location for bonding time with coworkers that may not meet again anytime soon if ever at all!


Why Your Retreat in Costa Rica Would Be Wonderful at Vista Hermosa Estate

No matter what kind of retreat you are planning, the most relaxed and wonderful place to instruct yoga or meditation is at Vista Hermosa Estate. We offer spa services and facials, a personal chef who makes meals out of fresh ingredients you pick, hiking trails, and beach access.  All these features make Vista Hermosa the ultimate retreat.


Spa Services

When someone rents our beach home/Villa in Costa Rica, as part of the retreat they’re going to, they’ll be able to enjoy a large number of spa services. Our spa services include massages, facials, body treatments, holistic therapy, hand treatments, and foot treatments.


A Personal Chef

Even though there are many places to eat in Manuel Antonio, it is nice to know, you will be able to enjoy a Costa Rica beachfront villa meal while the sun sets over the horizon. At Vista Hermosa Estate, this experience to the fullest, you will have a personal chef that will make meals out of fresh ingredients that you get to pick.  They’ll also be sure to prepare the foods according to any allergies or any dietary needs like being vegan or vegetarian.  Our personal chef goes to the local markets and fishmongers to get the freshest, most delicious food for you to eat.  Note that you would pay for your meals at the end of your stay at Vista Hermosa in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.


Hiking Trails

One of the great things about planning a retreat at Vista Hermosa Estate is how many hiking trails there are in the area. You can enjoy the lush vegetation of Costa Rica, spotting animals and taking in great vistas, whatever retreat you’ve planned.


Beach Access

When you and the people on your retreat are staying at villas at Vista Hermosa Estate, one of the biggest benefits is beach access. We have a private path that leads straight to the beach, which is perfect for early morning yoga, mediation, or a romantic walk along the shore.


Want to Plan a Retreat in Costa Rica?

Now that you’ve explored some options for a retreat in Costa Rica, the next step is for you to book it. In this case, you should look no further than Vista Hermosa Estate.

In addition to the reasons we’ve listed, there are many other reasons to stay at our luxurious villa, like excursions and our amazing ocean views.

To plan your retreat with us here at Vista Hermosa Estate, book your stay now.


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