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One of The Most Exquisite

Costa Rica Villas With Chef

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5-Star Pampering at Your Own Private Luxury Villa Starts here!

Vista Hermosa Estate villa offers plenty of exquisite amenities and 5-star service combined with spacious accommodations for guests, from direct access to a beautiful white sand beach to an infinity pool and top-floor entertainment space including breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.


Your stay at our exclusive, all-inclusive villa in Costa Rica offers travelers one of the best tropical paradise journeys in the world. Here, you’ll not only escape to a blend of relaxation and adventure with breathtaking views but also create a perfect memorable experience. Our Costa Rican fully staffed 5-star service villa, equipped with friendly and attentive staff, private chef & sous chef, and concierge staff ensures every aspect of your visit is imbued with luxury, creating an amazing time for all travelers.


Ready to start your Costa Rica vacation villa with chef? If you are wondering how you will be served when you get to paradise… ‘that pampering’ is on GO-time at Vista Hermosa Estate, Costa Rica’s premier all inclusive luxury private villa.


If your luxury Costa Rica all-inclusive vacation villa planning is focused on large groups or multi-families, we all know the ultimate holiday destination is one of the many Costa Rica rentals with a chef. Awe-inspiring Vista Hermosa Estate villa delivers this complete package. Compared to resorts in Costa Rica, you will not find better all inclusive villas Costa Rica to feed your sense of nirvana than our private villa rental with a chef. As you are about to discover when you arrive at our all-inclusive villa, we take our top-in-class guest 5-star services quite seriously. You’re welcome!

A Beautiful Private Luxury Villa with Full Staff & Breathtaking Views

Our all-inclusive villa rental Costa Rica is nestled amid a Costa Rican jungle in Manuel Antonio, one of the few all inclusive villas with private beach access. A tropical all inclusive luxury vacation villa, Costa Rica’s finest and most exclusive, is an architectural cocktail brimming with poetic million-dollar views of the Pacific Ocean from all rooms. A Costa Rica villa with a panoramic mecca and pure on-site (outta-site) water ecstasy – beaming right back at you, that most all inclusive villas in Costa Rica envy.


Head to a beautiful white-sand beach, take a dip in our three-sided infinity pool, explore the beach town of Manuel Antonio or other parts of Costa Rica, and enjoy an all-inclusive experience at the villa itself. When it comes to a Costa Rica beach villa with a chef, par excellence, you won’t experience anything more exquisite than Vista Hermosa Estate– where ‘Pura Vida’ is on the house.


So if you are a connoisseur of the most luxurious Central America all-inclusive villas in Costa Rica and are searching online for a beautiful 5-star service Costa Rica Airbnb with chef, search no more as we can start quenching your Costa Rican tropical fantasy, for all that oohs and aahs, with these soul-soothing 5-star service – the finest available Costa Rica vacation packages of all private villa rentals in Costa Rica with a chef.

costa rica luxury villas with chef
costa rica luxury villas with chef
Costa Rica house rentals with chef
all-inclusive vacation villa rental Costa Rica
villa in Costa Rica with chef
5-Star Service For Ultimate Family Vacations
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Imagine staying at one of Costa Rica’s finest luxury all-Inclusive villa rentals in Costa Rica and enjoying the all-inclusive vacation with 5-star service of a lifetime without having to worry about a single thing! From planning your stay well before you arrive at the villa, until your flight back home, your stay at our luxury villa in Costa Rica, Vista Hermosa Estate, our professional and experienced attentive staff along with our concierge and private gourmet chef will take care of everything for friends and family so they can relax, rejuvenate, and truly savor their time during their Costa Rican tropical luxury villa vacation.

villa with chef Costa Rica

Gourmet Private Chef Services

Two Locally Sourced, Private Chef Prepared Meals Are Provided Daily

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Few Costa Rica Villas with Chef combine Luxury, Views, and fully staffed Costa Rica villa all-inclusive service equal to Vista Hermosa Estate.

We are proud to be recognized for becoming one of the finest Costa Rica rentals with a chef. At Vista Hermosa Estate, we serve some of Costa Rica’s most savory gourmet dishes to our guests and would not be considered a foremost staffed villa in Costa Rica without providing your very own personal Gourmet Chef to prepare 2 meals per day (food and beverage costs are separate).


From savory international dishes to authentic Costa Rican cuisine, guests can choose dishes from our chef’s menu. This is your holiday and your Costa Rican all inclusive luxury villa rental, so have your personal gourmet chef prepare all exquisite meals as you wish.


Your private gourmet chef along with the sous chef can also accommodate anyone with food allergies or special dietary needs. Vegans and vegetarians will find plenty of options to feast upon. Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or have any other food-related allergies, your private chef will make sure you have a delicious and healthy meal.


When you arrive at our beautiful all-inclusive Costa Rica villa with chef, no one in your party will need to go grocery shopping, cook, or clean – as your private chef will do it all at a savings to you. This includes purchasing only the freshest ingredients from local vendors, butchers, and fishermen; a typical function otherwise handled by restaurants, which is just another reason why we are considered one of the premier all-inclusive villas in Costa Rica with chefs.

Costa Rica Villa Rental With Chef

Manuel Antonio Beach is a charming beach town in Costa Rica with several restaurants serving exceptional cuisine, we just happen to excel in the culinary arts. In addition, we serve masterful delicious cuisine in the privacy and comfort of your own Costa Rica all-inclusive villa rental. Nothing beats enjoying a local dish prepared just for you while chilling out in the infinity pool on the top floor during your all-inclusive vacation at our private villa.


At Vista Hermosa Estate, our mission statement is to ensure your group has the best tropical beach vacation ever. So whether it is a family reunion vacation, wedding, anniversary, corporate event, multi-family vacation, multigenerational family vacation, a milestone birthday, or just a large group of friends, we can guarantee that the dining experience during your stay provided by your own personal chef will surpass the quality and experience of exclusive restaurant quality dishes and dining at any of the best all-inclusive resorts in Costa Rica.


Sure, there are a lot of all-inclusive villas with private chef and exclusive beach villas in Costa Rica that state a private chef included but our gourmet chef is on a completely different level. We’re talking about Michelin quality and top-notch chef service that you would normally only find at the world’s most exclusive 5-star all-inclusive resort. When you rent this ultimate luxury all inclusive Costa Rica villa with chef, you can expect to be served exceptional cuisine worthy of a three-star Michelin rating.

Bon appetite and enjoy the most delicious vacation you’ll ever take!

Our gourmet private chef has received rave reviews from all our past guests. We encourage you to read real reviews from real customers and judge for yourself!
villa in costa rica with chef
costa rica villa rental with chef
A Costa Rican Foodies Paradise!
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One of Central America's Finest

All-Inclusive Villa Costa Rica

For the best family vacations and large group holidays, there is no shortage of adventure in the Manuel Antonio area, with so many adventurous tours and activity options to keep everyone on the go. During a Costa Rica all inclusive villa vacation, who has the time or energy to gather the whole gang to go eat at a restaurant after a full day of enjoying the best Costa Rican outdoor adventurous activities?


After enjoying a long day on a beautiful beach, zip lining, hiking through the jungle, whitewater rafting, visiting waterfalls, touring the national park, or taking a thrilling tour, there is nothing better than coming home to a Costa Rica all inclusive luxury villa, relaxing on your private balcony, waiting for your very own personal chef’s expertly prepared exquisite meal.


Our private chefs stand ready to cook two meals per day of your choice of delicious food using only the freshest local ingredients from local butchers, fishermen, and farmers’ markets.


Although the cost of food and drink are not included, your personal chef will buy groceries from the freshest and most inexpensive local sources. He will shop, cook, and clean for you while enjoying your tropical holiday at Vista Hermosa Estate, an exceptionally better deal than what you would expect at other Central America all-inclusive villas.


It’s apparent that Costa Rica beach villa rentals with chef are getting more popular as visitors want to experience the delicious, fresh food that an all-inclusive vacation rental with a chef has to offer while relaxing in the confines of their own staffed private villa rental. Eating out every meal can not only be expensive but can also be very stressful herding your entire group to a restaurant, so having a private chef preparing meals for you during a stay at a private luxury villa is a great way to save money and enjoy savory meals amongst friends and family.


Plus, you can do so in your Costa Rica private all-inclusive villa while you rest and relax next to (or in) your private infinity pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean or your private balcony as you gaze at stunning views, combined with all the ultimate luxury amenities and 5-star service of Vista Hermosa Estate and its spacious accommodations, that sounds like a dream vacation!

Large Families, Multi-Families, Multi-Generation Families, Family Reunion

Ah, the luxury of having a private cook during family vacations in this tropical paradise known as Costa Rica! Imagine waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the sizzle of bacon on the stove. For a large family or party of friends, this is extra special!


Gathering a Large Group to Go Eat at a Restaurant is No Fun!

There is nothing quite like the convenience of having a personal chef while vacationing in an all inclusive luxury villa in Costa Rica with plenty of space for a large group. Forget the hassle of aligning everyone’s schedules and arranging transportation for everyone to head out to a restaurant. Also, spare yourself the effort of convincing those making lifetime memories with the ones they love while enjoying a late afternoon swim in the private pool to get ready to leave. With a personal chef, you can go directly from the pool to enjoy delicious meals in the comfort and privacy of your own tropical exclusive Costa Rica private villa with chef.


No need to stress out where everyone at your family reunion will eat and how to get everyone there, and when it comes to dinner time, you can gather everyone around the table for a gourmet meal expertly prepared by your very own personal chef. It’s not necessary to worry about making reservations or finding a restaurant that caters to everyone’s tastes and dietary needs – your personal chef can accommodate them all with ease.


Our private chef’s meals are sure to be delicious! Your large family will love the variety of succulent delicacies that he will prepare for you during your Costa Rican luxury villa stay. From savory breakfasts to mouth-watering dinners, you’re sure to be impressed with the culinary skills of our talented chef. If you’ve been searching for all-inclusive private beach villas in Central America with searches such as Airbnb with a chef or a Costa Rica Vrbo with a chef, your luxury villa search is now complete.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy appetizing home-cooked fine dining in the comfort with your own private chef at our Costa Rica all inclusive villa.
Costa Rica villa with chef
Costa Rica villa all inclusive with chef

How It Works

Luxury Private Chef Service During an All-Inclusive Vacation

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Exclusive Private Villa
Concierge At Your Service

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When you’re on a vacation at an all-inclusive Costa Rica villa, you deserve to have the ultimate relaxation luxury villa experience. The last thing you want to worry about is airport transportation, planning tours, and activities, or going grocery shopping when you arrive. That’s where an experienced concierge comes in.


At Vista Hermosa Estate, our all-inclusive private villa in Costa Rica, we offer the luxury of an experienced concierge to ensure that everyone has an amazing time and that your luxury villa vacation needs are taken care of. Imagine not having to worry about making dinner reservations, scheduling activities, or trying to figure out tours that best suit everyone’s needs. With a personal concierge, all of these tasks are handled for you, allowing you to fully relax and enjoy your luxury villa vacation.


But it’s not just about convenience. Having a personal concierge also allows you to have a truly unforgettable personalized luxury villa vacation experience. Your concierge will get to know your preferences and tailor recommendations and activities to your liking and anyone else in your family. A seasoned concierge can also provide insider tips for tours and activities with the insight of local knowledge to enhance your all inclusive luxury villa vacation.


In addition to staying at vacation rentals with chef and maid, a personal concierge can help make your luxury villa vacation more efficient. They can handle any issues that may arise before and during your stay to ensure that your stay runs smoothly so you and your family can focus on relaxation.


So why not indulge in the ultimate luxury of a concierge staff during your all inclusive luxury villa vacation at Vista Hermosa Estate? You deserve it. Let us take care of all the details while you sit back and enjoy the beauty of this tropical paradise called Costa Rica.

Your Personal Concierge Can Plan And Curate A One-Of-A-Kind Experience, Tailored To Your Personal Desires

As an integral part of our on-site attentive staff, before you arrive at the luxury villa for your holiday, you will have full access to our exclusive Concierge and trip coordinator after you have booked a reservation at our Airbnb Costa Rica with a chef and start your private villa vacation pre-arrival planning.


At this time, your personal concierge service will coordinate all the arrangements for your airport transportation, from San Jose airport to Vista Hermosa Estate for all travelers in your group. She will listen to your wants and needs and then plan and create a trip itinerary with tours that are tailored specifically to you and your interests, ensuring that you get the most out of your luxury vacation time in Costa Rica.


We only arrange excursion adventures, tours, and activities with certified and reputable companies in Costa Rica. Other possibilities include coordinating in-house spa treatments; pre-stock your Costa Rica villa with specially requested items to be available at the luxury villa upon your arrival (beer, water, snacks, etc.); scheduling an in-house yoga instructor, and hiring a band for live music of a DJ at the villa. Our experienced concierge will be able to handle any other requests you or your family may have to ensure your trip to Costa Rica is nothing short of relaxing and stress-free.


Your personal assistant will essentially do all the planning for the perfect Costa Rican luxury villa vacation. With all the amenities available to you, and the assistance of the concierge, you will have more time to enjoy activities such as zip-lining, deep sea fishing, whitewater rafting tours, visiting Manuel Antonio beach, horseback riding, visiting the national park, hiking scenic trails through tropical rainforests, and take in breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean throughout this beautiful beach town of Manuel Antonio.


Back at the luxury private villa, you can take full advantage of the master bedroom, two apartments, rain showers, an infinity pool, outdoor terraces, and all the luxury amenities and services in your private luxury villa.

Your First Meals upon Arrival to The Villa

Our concierge will coordinate with you to determine the meal selection of your initial dinner and breakfast the following morning when you check in at this magnificent villa. Guests will communicate directly with their private chef for all other breakfasts and dinners from the chef’s menu which includes authentic Costa Rican cuisine and international favorites.


Villa Pre-Stocking

You will have the chance to inform our concierge what type of food and drink items or any other special requests to have pre-stocked in the private villa upon your arrival, such as snacks, soft drinks, or beer.


Whether your party will need five bedrooms, six bedrooms, or all eight bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, the private villa will be fully stocked with the help of our concierge.

Enhanced Private Luxury Villa Concierge Services

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Planning a family vacation can be a daunting task. Leave the stress of planning to us – all you need to do is book flights to San Jose International Airport in Costa Rica. Experience Costa Rica the best way possible, our expert concierge will take care of the rest and create a personalized, luxurious vacation experience tailored to your preferences.


For your Costa Rica holiday, imagine the luxurious convenience of having a dedicated concierge take care of all of your airport transportation needs as you journey through lush Costa Rica landscapes to your stunning villa. No more navigating unfamiliar roads or haggling with taxi drivers. Simply sit back, relax, and let our concierge handle everything for you. From the moment you step off the plane, you'll be treated to the highest level of personalized service, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable start to your all inclusive Costa Rica luxury villa vacation.
For your trip to the villa, you and your guests can choose to rent cars or take a commercial flight into Quepos, but our most popular method of transportation by far for entire groups is to ride a spacious and comfortable shuttle van to the villa. We only hire certified and reputable transportation companies that have large late-model air-conditioned shuttle vans to ensure a smooth and relaxing journey through this beautiful country to our exclusive villa.


There is no experience quite like the convenience of arriving at a pre-stocked private luxury villa on your trip. Imagine not having to worry about grocery shopping or packing all of your favorite foods and essentials. With a pre-stocked villa, everything you need is already there waiting for you.
No more long lines at the grocery store or lugging heavy bags through the airport. All of the hard work has been taken care of for you. Simply arrive at our all inclusive luxury villa rental, kick back, and enjoy all of the comforts and conveniences that come with a pre-stocked villa.
And the best part? You can customize your pre-stocked package to include all of your favorite foods, beverages, and other essentials. Guests can send a list of preferred items to the Concierge to have at their private villa stocked and ready upon their arrival at Vista Hermosa Estate. Items such as bottled water, snacks, soft drinks, beer, and alcohol can be purchased by our team in advance. That way, you can truly feel at home during your Costa Rica holiday at one of the finest Costa Rica villa rentals all inclusives.


While vacationing at our luxury all inclusive Costa Rica villa, escape to a paradise in Costa Rica's unspoiled beauty and adventure. Enjoy the vibrant culture and stunning Costa Rican landscapes and let yourself be swept away by all that this breathtaking country has to offer.
Going on tours is the best way to experience this stunning country. For an amazing time, our concierge will arrange all tours, excursions, and activities including National Park visits with certified and reputable companies that best suit your needs. For tours, most tour companies provide pick-ups and drop-offs service directly at the villa, ensuring convenient transportation for your excursions.
Sure you could lounge around the infinity pool every day but to fully experience Costa Rica's natural beauty and have an unforgettable experience with your loved ones, going on tours is the way to accomplish that. Visit the absolutely beautiful beaches on the Pacific Ocean, plan a trip through the diverse rainforest, travel the short distance to Peninsula Papagayo, and explore everything that Costa Rica has to offer with the help of our experienced concierge.


in-house Massage Therapy, Holistic Therapy, Body treatments, Facials, and Hand and Foot treatments, the choice is yours, without having to leave the villa. There is nothing quite like indulging in luxurious spa service during a Costa Rica all inclusive holiday. Imagine being pampered from head to toe with soothing massages, revitalizing facials, and rejuvenating body treatments. Imagine letting all of your stress and worries melt away as you sink into a state of total relaxation and bliss without leaving the villa.
With spa service in your private villa, you can take some time for yourself and treat yourself to some much-needed self-care. Whether you're looking for a solo retreat or want to share the experience with your loved ones, a spa day can be the perfect way to unwind and recharge.
And the best part? You don't have to leave the comfort of your own private luxury villa during your trip to enjoy these indulgences. Vista Hermosa Estate offers in-home spa service, so you can unwind in the privacy of your own space.


Top qualified local Yoga and Pilates Class Instructors. We take your aah pampering to a whole other zen. There is nothing quite like the convenience and relaxation of taking yoga and Pilates classes in the comfort of your own Costa Rica villa. Imagine rolling out your mat in a peaceful, serene setting, surrounded by a lush tropical forest with the sounds of wildlife.
With in-villa yoga and Pilates classes, you can take some time for yourself and focus on your physical and mental well-being. No need to stress about finding a studio or coordinating schedules - your instructor will come to you.
And the best part? travelers can tailor the classes to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi, your instructor can create a personalized program that caters to your goals and abilities.
So why not make the most of your Costa Rica holiday and treat your group to some rejuvenating yoga and Pilates classes in the comfort of your own villa?
costa rica all inclusive villas

Additional Private Luxury Villa Services Included

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One of The Most Sought After All Inclusive Villas with Private Chef

Remember, your only task at Vista Hermosa Estate is to play, relax, then hit repeat. Care to see what’s available on the Calendar at this beautiful, serene, all inclusive Costa Rica private beach villa rental with a full-time chef? BOOK EARLY to secure your ideal all inclusive Costa Rica villa experience.

Two Full Time Maids

Our private all inclusive luxury villa in Costa Rica includes 2 full-time maids. Daily housekeeping for a spotless villa during your stay creating a comfortable and inviting 5-star service experience for your all inclusive vacation.

Free Laundry Services

Included laundry services. All guests who stay in our Costa Rica villa receive free laundry services at no additional charge. Our maids will provide personal laundry service available twice weekly or upon request. This a great reason to pack lighter for your Costa Rica getaway if you wish.

Personal Concierge

Your personal Concierge will plan a one-of-a-Kind ultimate Costa Rica vacation experience tailored to your taste. Our Concierge will arrange airport transportation, book tours, and villa pre-stocking, essentially planning the perfect Costa Rica luxury villa vacation with personalized service.

On-site private security guard

An on-site professional security guard from a reputable security company patrols this all inclusive Costa Rica luxury villa nightly.

Elevate Your Luxury Costa Rica All Inclusive Villa Vacation

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Experience 5-star service with all inclusive luxury services only found at the best all inclusive resorts and beautiful private luxury villas in Costa Rica, but with full privacy.


As our real reviews from real customers say:

“We had the most amazing time staying at Vista Hermosa Estate was an absolute dream! The villa’s captivating infinity pool, incredible staff, and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean exceeded all of our Costa Rican villa expectations”


Book early to experience tropical bliss and secure a top-rated luxurious villa in Costa Rica with a private chef and a friendly attentive staff for a Costa Rican luxury 5-star all-inclusive vacation.