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Beach Villa With Breathtaking Ocean Views

Costa Rica luxury beach villas are renown for having spectacular views, Vista Hermosa takes that to another level. With an absolutely stunning view, Vista Hermosa Estate is one of the most prominent private Costa Rica villas. Vista Hermosa Estate sits on two acres of prime real estate in a beautiful beachside community. Our property features mesmerizing ocean views overlooking the Costa Rican tropical jungle that are sure to create memories for a lifetime.

While vacationing at our large retreat, spend your days on beautiful white sand beaches. Then, return to your open-air social area on the top floor at night, where you can swim in the overflowing gorgeous three-sided infinity pool and enjoy fresh organic gourmet dinners prepared by your private gourmet chef.

And that’s not all. Vista Hermosa Estate’s exclusive social area envelops the entire top floor. Amenities like these are found only in the best Costa Rica villas.

This exquisite ‘scene’ is brimming with high-end detailing. An architectural cocktail crafted to feed every sense of aah-some, as further captured from the property’s one-of-a-kind Great Room – where you will see through the floor-to-ceiling glass walls, including 3-sets of retractable sliding glass doors, to your oceanic ecstasy and green tropical jungle beaming right back at you.

The Mesmerizing Visual Effects of Entering the Top Floor of Our Costa Rica Luxury Villa

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As you approach the villa, the first thing that will catch your eye is its tropical setting. Surrounded by lush greenery and vibrant flowers, the villa radiates tropical bliss. But it’s not just the setting that will take your breath away – the stunning architecture of the estate is equally impressive. From its sleek lines to its modern features, the villa exudes luxurious elements and style.


As you enter the grand entrance of the magnificent Vista Hermosa Estate, your eyes are immediately drawn to the stunning staircase that rises up before you. The hand-crafted bamboo balustrade invites you to climb to the top, where you’ll be treated to an incredible ocean view.


As you reach the top of the stairs and catch your first glimpse of the infinity edge pool at Vista Hermosa Estate, you are immediately struck by the stunning panoramic ocean view. The water in the pool seems to blend seamlessly into the horizon, creating a mesmerizing visual effect that draws you in.


As you stand at the edge of the infinity edge pool at Vista Hermosa Estate, the views of the Pacific take your breath away. The view from Vista Hermosa Estate’s infinity edge pool is truly mind-blowing, made all the more spectacular by the fact that you are overlooking the lush forest and into the sea. As you gaze out at the horizon, you can see the waves crashing against the shore in the distance, creating a mesmerizing visual effect that leaves you mesmerized.


The lush green Costa Rican forest surrounds you on all sides, adding a sense of nirvana to the scene. It’s hard to believe that you are at an infinity pool when the views of the crystalline waters are so breathtaking. You feel like you are at the edge of the Earth, with nothing but the vast expanse of the ocean and the endless sky in front of you. These views of the Pacific are an encounter that you will never forget. One of the most stunning and dramatic panoramic views the Pacific Ocean of all Costa Rica’s beachfront house rentals.

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The Ultimate Beachfront Vacation Home

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Vista Hermosa Estate has quickly evolved into the premier vacation destination among all the Costa Rica’s beachfront rentals. Built on a lush hillside in a charming seaside town overlooking the Pacific coast, this four-story property exemplifies a luxurious style with Bali-modern architecture – making it one of the most significantly beautiful Costa Rica beachfront rentals available.

The Pura Vida Lifestyle

The widely popular phrase “Pura Vida” reflects the lifestyle of the locals who live in this beautiful region. So, before you arrive at our beachfront villa, embrace this phrase and the positive attitude it represents. The staple phrase means “Pure Life”. With Costa Rica’s stunning beachfront, lush green foliage, gorgeous national parks, eco-friendly environment, dramatic views of the water, and of course, its friendly and charming Costa Ricans, you will undoubtedly encounter the Pura Vida way of life during your stay.
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Luxurious Beachfront Costa Rica Rentals

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After Vista Hermosa Estate opened its doors in December 2016, it quickly became one of the best beachfront rentals in Costa Rica. Constructed on a lush hillside overlooking the Pacific, this four-story property exemplifies Pura Vida living with Bali-modern architecture for truly modern tropical living – making it one of the most distinguished beachfront rentals in Costa Rica.

Beachfront Villa Rental

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Grandparents Will Have No Problem with Stairs

This majestic four-story private villa rental is constructed on the side of a hill. The parking lot and main entrance are located between the top and middle levels. Because guests enter this residence on a higher floor, anyone with restricted stair-climbing ability should have no problem sleeping in one of the three bedrooms located on the middle floor. Our amazing top-floor entertaining zone is located just one floor above this middle level.

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A Private Beach Villa With An Incredible Top-Floor Entertainment Zone

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Vista Hermosa Estate is the perfect villa for large groups. Our top-floor entertaining zone is ideal for socializing with your entire group and guarantees that you'll have an unforgettable Costa Rica villa vacation.

If you are searching for houses for bigger groups in Costa Rica, your main purpose is to spend quality time at the luxury villa with the ones you love most.

We have exactly what you demand for this to happen. Not all rentals in Costa Rica have such an amazing social area, especially one with a stunning 180-degree spectacle and top-notch amenities you would normally find at a 5-star resort.

Unmatched by any other Costa Rica villa is Vista Hermosa Estate’s phenomenal top-floor social area. This complete entertainment zone includes amenities such as a large swimming pool (an infinity edge pool is a huge plus), full kitchen, sun decks with lounge chairs, large covered open space, living room, dining area, balconies, restrooms, TVs, refrigerators, and ice makers.

In other words, the only Costa Rica beachfront villa with an ultimate entertaining oasis, equipped with everything needed to entertain you all day, every day. A key element for having the dream Costa Rica vacation!

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A Coveted Private Beachfront Villa

Speaking of other luxury villas, no other can compete with the stunning views from Vista Hermosa Estate’s top floor. Here, you will wake up each morning, sip your coffee, and enjoy a fresh, succulent breakfast hand-prepared by your onsite personal gourmet chef while enjoying breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

Enjoy a drink while gazing at the stunning panoramic views of the coast from all areas of the top floor, including the kitchen, dining area, and living room. These exceptional amenities are complete with a bar and a wrap-around balcony, all rich in ambiance and million-dollar picturesque manna for the soul. Also, the property’s capacity to support an event for up to 40 in attendance has made it one of the most coveted wedding venues in Costa Rica. Guests beware… you will never want to leave this tropical slice of heaven.

Suppose you can pull yourself away from our lavish top-floor oasis and spend a day on a sandy shoreline with family and friends. In that case, two of the most beautiful white-sand beaches in the region are only a ten-minute stroll away from our rental property and make for perfect day trips.

You will pass through a lush tropical forest down to the area’s most famous, Playa Espadilla, which has been consistently top-ranked as one of the most stunning beaches in the world. You can also explore Playa Biesanz, where you will find a white beachfront with gentle waves lapping against the shoreline.

Perfect Private Retreat for Multi-Generation Families with Grandparents and Kids

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It can be tricky to find exclusive beach villas in Costa Rica to suit the whole family when grandparents are involved. Renting a large luxury villa is the perfect solution for multi-generation families, including plenty of private spaces and gathering areas. Our Costa Rica rental provides an array of benefits that large families find irresistible, and the reason we are so popular among other large Costa Rica beach villas is for their multi-generation tropical experience.

Imagine the ideal Costa Rica luxurious rental, with enough space to accommodate the whole family and even some close friends. Grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, kids, cousins…all guests can gather together in this large space.

Ideal Costa Rica Villas for A Large Group of Couples or Friends

With 8-bedroom suites, all with en-suite bathrooms and an optional 9th bedroom, this luxury retreat has plenty of room for you to feel relaxed. This is especially helpful if you’re traveling with couples.

No need to cram into a small room with limited space for luggage and belongings like in a normal resort. Our luxury vacation rental in Costa Rica has 12 beds, which can comfortably accommodate 24 adult guests. Also, have an optional 9th bedroom with a sofa sleeper and four rollaway beds that can be located in any room you choose. Here, at Vista Hermosa Estate, you’ll have all the space you need!

A villa in Costa Rica with a private chef is extremely convenient for bigger groups. In fact, a luxury rental here is the perfect choice for groups who want to experience the benefits of a first-class gourmet chef. With a chef, Costa Rican rentals offer a level of luxury that is unmatched.

Not only will our chef prepare succulent meals for your entire group, but he will also be able to accommodate any dietary restrictions or preferences that your group may have. This level of convenience and personalized service is almost impossible to get in a vacation resort setting, making Vista Hermosa Estate the perfect choice for your next group vacation.

Make Your Milestone Birthday Extra Special at Costa Rica Luxury Villas

Are you searching for beachfront homes with a phenomenal view of the water and prime beach frontage for your next vacation? With its stunning beachfront, rich culture, and abundant wildlife, Costa Rica beach villas make for the perfect destination to celebrate your milestone birthday.

From hiking to spectacular waterfalls and going on adventurous tours in town with local experts, to taking incredible hikes through lush rainforests observing incredible wildlife, zip line through the jungle, surfing at one of the many magnificent beaches, or visiting nearby national parks, Manuel Antonio has day trip outdoor adventures for all guests to enjoy. If you want to see what it is like to surf or zip-line through the trees, we have the perfect location. Plus, being able to enjoy delicious 5-star cuisine every night by your very own chef while overlooking picturesque views of the Pacific Ocean is truly an unforgettable experience. Many people make the mistake of assuming all Costa Rica vacation rentals are similar. Vista Hermosa Estate checks all the boxes and is one of the most sought-after rentals in Costa Rica.

If you’re turning a milestone age like your 30th birthday, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, or 80th birthday, why not make the occasion extra special, ever thought of searching for first-class accommodations for rent to commemorate your big day? Celebrate this milestone with an extraordinary vacation trip with the ones you treasure most to make lifelong memories and book yourself a private beach villa in Costa Rica!

From your magnificent, fully staffed property with stunning views, enjoy one of the finest tropical modern Costa Rica holiday rentals in full elegance. This remarkable Costa Rica vacation home, Vista Hermosa Estate, and its ideal location a few hours from San Jose, is the perfect place to celebrate that special milestone birthday. Whether you want some time for relaxation at one of the many stunning beaches or to explore the lush jungles and rich culture in town, there’s plenty to do and see in this incredible part of Costa Rica.

Vacations should be filled with entertaining and adventurous activities for your entire group. With so many fun activities to do, like zip-lining, surfing, kayaking, white water river rafting, hiking, visiting national parks, and more, a luxury vacation at Vista Hermosa Estate is sure to be your most memorable private luxury vacation yet!

A Costa Rica Beachfront Rental Promoting Sustainability

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Eco-friendly travel is gaining popularity as travelers become more environmentally conscious. With so many stunning vacation spots to pick from, it’s easy to see why travelers are drawn to Costa Rica’s natural beauty and opt for an eco-friendly travel experience. 


Vista Hermosa is a private 11,000-square-foot luxurious accommodation in Costa Rica located in one of the most peaceful and bio-diverse countries in the world, surrounded by tropical rainforests and wildlife. Just a few hours from San Jose International Airport, you are in the perfect location for a memorable retreat with your fellow guests.


We offer energy-efficient amenities such as LED lighting, smart AC thermostats that lower the power consumption when motion is not detected (deactivated during sleeping hours), and tankless water heaters. Our open-air design takes advantage of the fascinating tropical surroundings, a standard feature you’ll find in most Costa Rica oceanfront rentals.


This is exemplified by our top-floor open layout that includes a great room with three sets of sliding glass doors to allow natural airflow to cool the area. We provide eco-friendly personal products such as shampoo, conditioner, body, and hand soap in reusable bottles. Offering locally sourced farm-to-table food choice items. Rather unique for Costa Rica beachfront homes, our practices put in place help conserve resources such as water and energy during your vacation, while also minimizing our environmental impact. 

About This Amazing Beach Town

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Manuel Antonio is a developed seaside town, with a plethora of Costa Rica luxury villas, is one of the most popular destinations for travelers who decide to visit Costa Rica for group vacations on the rich coast of the Pacific, and is also home to Costa Rica’s most beautiful national park, one of Costa Rica’s most popular national parks and many beautiful white sand beaches.

Known for its many private rentals, lush rainforest, and stunning beachfront, this beach town in Costa Rica is a treasure for biodiversity, attracting nature-buffs, eco-travelers, and adventure-seekers alike. During your visit, soak up white sand and perfect warm Pacific waters by surfing or swimming. Without a doubt, the community lies within one of the beautiful spots in Costa Rica.


Home to 109 species of mammals and 184 species of birds, the most popular animals among visitors include three of Costa Rica’s four monkey species (squirrel monkeys, Mantled howler monkeys, and white-faced capuchin monkeys) two species of sloth, (the brown-throated three-toed sloth and two-toed sloth), toucans, scarlet macaws, several types of iguanas, and coatis, just to name a few.


Most of these Costa Rican rainforest animals can be seen from our many balconies, also while walking our private beach access trail, and during a visit to the nearby National Park.

Discover a First-Class Beachfront Rental in Costa Rica

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Our private property is professionally managed by our team and delivers unparalleled personalized service during your vacation. The staff includes two full-time maids that will keep the entire space clean every day, a full-time maintenance guy ready for any unexpected repairs, a private gourmet chef and sous chef for delicious breakfasts and dinners, and a private concierge offering expert advice on tours and activities during your vacation.

So if you’re looking for Costa Rica villas on the beach for a vacation with a large group, a multi-family vacation, a birthday celebration week, a couples retreat, a wellness retreat, or a destination wedding, Vista Hermosa Estate is the perfect Costa Rica private beach retreat to host your vacation in Central America.

Meet The People Who Run This Costa Rica Beachfront Oasis

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Take Your Beach Villa Vacations To Another Level

Remember, your only task at this beach villa in Costa Rica is to play, relax, and hit repeat. 


As this high-demand Costa Rica beach villa books fast, book your stay early to secure your desired dates at Vista Hermosa Estate. One of the most in-demand beach villas in Costa Rica.


We look forward to becoming your annual luxury beach vacation destination in Costa Rica. If you’re searching for last-minute beach villas in Costa Rica, be sure to inquire about our special offers for last-minute bookings.