Playa Espadilla Norte

a.k.a. Playitas​


Playa Espadilla Norte - Playitas Beach

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica​

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Over a mile long, this beach is recognized as the crown jewel of Manuel Antonio. Vista Hermosa Estate has a private trail through the jungle that leads to the North end of this amazing beach, which is only about a 15-minute walk. 


Playa Espadilla Norte (also known as Playitas Beach) is the main beach located adjacent to Manuel Antonio National Park, an easy-to-access public beach with cost-friendly nearby parking. While the warm waves are wild enough for surfing, they are also calm enough to enjoy a good swim.


On the sand, visitors can rent chairs and umbrellas. The South end of this beach has vendors who sell water bottles, jewelry, arts-and-crafts, and snow cones, – with convenient parasailing and surf lesson kiosks. The North end is much less crowded but with the same white sand and jungle surroundings. Sunsets over the water are nothing short of absolutely stunning.