Top 10 Couples Retreats Around the Globe

Last updated on February 6th, 2023 at 11:23 am

Did you know that 70% of surveyed Americans reported they were planning on taking a leisure trip in 2022?  Why not focus on your relationship with a couples retreat?  Below we have provided 10 sought after locations to visit so you can find all the resources in one place.


Extended lockdowns and restrictions have made many people itching for a chance to see the world. And what better way to start improving your marriage or relationship than with a couples retreat?

A couples retreat should have luxury, relaxation, and maybe a hint of adventure. Luckily, we have gathered the top 10 places for the best couples retreat and why it should be next on your travel list this year, so keep reading for more information!

1. Quintana Roo, Mexico

Mexico has long held the reins as one of the top “couples retreats in 2022” With endless white sand, blue waters, and excellent food, it deserves mention on this list. You also won’t get stuck trying to find an all-inclusive resort. 

Unfortunately, most options require you to spend your entire time with other guests, which can often become crowded during high seasons. If you’re willing to fight the crowds down in Mexico, you can have the option of lounging on a beach all day, scuba diving some of the most pristine ocean waters, or visiting ancient Mayan ruins. 

2. Negril, Jamaica

Negril, Jamaica, is on the western side and offers many similar activities and relaxation amenities as Mexico. Endless white beaches and warm weather draw many couples to Jamaica. Its lively atmosphere and culture can make it fun for an evening out. 

And don’t forget to walk Seven Mile Beach, one of the best beaches in the world (for a reason). Be sure and check it out at sunset for some of the most romantic views. 

3. Barcelona, Spain

If beaches aren’t you and your partner’s goal of a couples retreat, Barcelona, Spain, offers a romantic getaway exploring unique and beautiful architecture, quaint towns, and excellent cuisine. You can pick from wine tasting or morning hot air balloon rides. Try out a Spanish cooking class or sunset cruise for even more romance. 

4. Bali, Indonesia

Everyone has heard of Bali and its beautiful ocean hotels and villas. Indonesia has a unique culture, tasteful cuisine, and beautiful scenery.

On the downside, it may be a bit of a plane ride for many folks. Yet, if you make it out there, check out candlelit dinners at Jimbaran Beach or visit an active volcano for a more adventurous afternoon.  

5. Tuscany, Italy

Like Barcelona, this list wouldn’t be complete without Tuscany. Although Venice is often dubbed Italy’s City of Love, Tuscany is not far off. If you and your partner love wineries and wine tours, this is your destination!

Early fall is the best time for wine tours and tasting. If you book ahead, you could take a train down to Rome and view some of the most amazing ancient ruins on the planet. 

6. Thailand Resort

Like Bali, Thailand has a similar couples retreat vibe. Jungles, beaches, and fine dining can make a Thailand trip a great option for couples.

The travel is long, but the adventures are worth it! Rock climbing, rafting, and sea caves are just a few of the many things you can book in Thailand. 

7. Maui, Hawaii

For those who prefer to stay local, Maui, Hawaii, is one of the best romantic getaways. With plenty of all-inclusive resorts, you can find one that fits your style, while the small island ensures you have close access to many of America’s best beaches. You can drive the Road to Hana, scuba dive, or bounce from beach to beach and live in your swimsuit all day.

8. Patagonia, Chile

If you aren’t a beach person, don’t worry – Patagonia, Chile ventures on the opposite end of the spectrum. Mt. Fitz Roy is an astounding 11,000 feet peak that draws climbers and adventurers from around the globe. While winter is more brutal in this part of the world, check out the plentiful outdoor adventures you can tackle in the summer, including multi-day backpacking trips! 

9. Hamilton Island, Australia

In March, Australia became one of the last regions opened to visitors. Australia is fully open for vaccinated travelers, and Hamilton Island is a must-visit for strengthening relationships. 

Hamilton Island offers bungalows, hotels, and private resorts and is a hot spot for honeymooners. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to see the Great Barrier Reef.

10. Vista Hermosa Estate, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a must-see on everyone’s vacation bucket list, especially as one of the best locations for couples retreats. 

Vista Hermosa Estate is the perfect couples retreat as it has a private beach trail leading directly to pristine waters, sloths, monkeys, and more. Unlike other popular beach access points, Vista Hermosa Estate is all-private, secluded, and offers taxi services if you don’t want the short walk. What other Costa Rica villa amenities will you have?

  • Spa services (e.g., facials, massages)
  • Private on-site swimming pool
  • Fine dining dishes prepared by a gourmet chef 
  • Specialty cocktails
  • Air conditioning
  • One-of-a-kind top floor entertainment zone
  • Water purification
  • Beach accessories
  • Free laundry service
  • Outdoor sand showers
  • And much more!

Vista Hermosa Estate gives you the resort experience, with the seclusiveness of your own home, you must rent the entire villa, which checks one beach house rental off your list.  The benefit of renting the entire space is you won’t have to worry about loud or annoying guests next door. Instead, you can wake up to the sounds of the jungle all around you in the heart of one of the most romantic getaways. 

The Best Couples Retreat

Why choose Costa Rica to improve your marriage? It has luxury, relaxation, and adventure wrapped into one package.

Costa Rica is known for its dense jungles, with approximately 5% of the world’s biodiversity. Nearly 25% is protected territory, and you have the option of scheduling tours and adventure packages to see:

  • Volcanoes
  • Highland mountain forests
  • Swamps
  • Waterfalls
  • Beaches
  • Abundant wildlife

While the beach town of Manuel Antonio has many great restaurants, relaxing is the focal point at Vista Hermosa Estate. your personal gourmet chef will prepare breakfast and dinner daily for your entire group. 

Start Planning Your Next Couples Retreat

If you want a couples retreat that is a short plane ride away and gives you the best of both worlds between relaxation and adventure, you need to plan your next trip to Costa Rica. Rather than spend hours scouring the internet for the “best beach house rentals in Costa Rica,” check out Vista Hermosa Estate instead!

With a luxury villa rental, private dining, excursions, and so much more, we have you covered at the Vista Hermosa Estate. Ready to get started? Book your next trip today and see all the wonders of beautiful Costa Rica.


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