17 Best Costa Rica Eco Lodge Accommodations to Consider

Last updated on December 17th, 2023 at 09:32 am

Costa Rica, a biodiverse country in Central America, is well-known for the natural beauty of its tropical rainforests. As a world leader in eco-tourism, there’s a significant concentration on eco-friendly tourism throughout the country, including the renowned Costa Rica eco lodge experience.

In the heart of Costa Rica eco tourism, a sustainable alternative to traditional hotels, you’ll find eco-lodges all over Costa Rica, where guests can fully immerse themselves in the country’s natural beauty.

Use this guide as your compass to discovering some of the best eco-lodges that embody the spirit of Costa Rica eco tourism, a testament to the country’s commitment to preserving its pristine environment.

What Is an Eco Lodge?

Eco-lodges, nestled in Costa Rica’s tranquil cloud forest, rainforest, or coastlines, offer a serene escape from the clamor of urban life. Surrounded by lush greenery, this accommodation type champions sustainable living and ecotourism, creating a haven for nature enthusiasts. Picture yourself in cozy bungalows or upscale villas, where the chorus of the forest awakens you, not the city’s bustle. These eco-conscious retreats come equipped with amenities like outdoor showers, merging luxury with the rustic charm of the forest. With an array of pools and fewer than 30 rooms, they ensure a secluded experience.

They are committed to the environment, showcasing solar panels, environment friendly toiletries, and support for local communities. An eco-lodge isn’t just a place to stay; it’s a bridge to a deeper connection with nature, making it an ideal sustainable holiday accommodation.

Sustainable tourism is the primary selling point of eco-lodges – typically situated in rainforests, jungles, and beaches. They are incredibly eco-friendly, with natural hot springs, spring-fed swimming pools, water-saving toilets, solar panels, and all-inclusive meals from an on-site organic garden. 

Staying in an eco-lodge is quite luxurious and is one of the best ways to support Costa Rica’s conservation efforts. Bellow, please find our recommendations for the country’s best eco hotels and lodges. 

17 Best Eco Lodges in Costa Rica For All Budgets

Whether looking for a natural outdoor swimming pool, relaxing hot spring, or beautiful vista, you’ll find some of the best luxury eco lodges in Costa Rica. We’ve compiled a list the most beautiful eco lodges in Costa Rica.

1. Monteverde Lodge and Gardens

Monteverde Lodge and Gardens resort Costa Rica

Located northwest of San Jose, and one of the best eco lodges in the central Pacific region, Monteverde Lodge is located deep in nature, surrounded by rainforests, cloud forests, and jungle. A critical ecosystem, you can explore Monteverde through one of the National Geographic’s tours such as National Geographic’s Costa Rica Wildlife & Conservation tour.

This enchanting retreat also serves as a gateway to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, where visitors can embark on canopy tours and witness the forest from above or join night walks to experience the nocturnal wildlife. Additionally, the lodge’s elevation offers a cooler climate, making it a comfortable haven for birdwatching enthusiasts, as the region is home to over 400 bird species, including the elusive Bellbird and the iconic Three-wattled Bellbird.

While at the lodge, enjoy beautiful gardens, coffee tours, serene quiet, and an on-site restaurant.

2. Tabacon Thermal Resort and Spa

Not only is Tabacon Thermal Resort and Spa an excellent eco-lodge with a swim-up bar, but it’s also a great destination for foodies, with two top-rated on-site restaurants. During your stay at Tabacon Thermal Resort and Spa, explore waterfalls, hot springs, and the famous Arenal Volcano near La Fortuna.

In addition to its natural luxuries, Tabacon Thermal Resort and Spa offers a full-service spa where guests can indulge in volcanic mud wraps and other treatments utilizing the region’s natural resources. Moreover, the resort’s commitment to sustainability is evident in their rainforest conservation efforts and use of renewable geothermal energy, which ensures that visitors’ stays support environmental preservation.

3. Arenal Oasis Eco Lodge in Costa Rica

Surrounded by a wildlife sanctuary, Arenal Oasis is close to Lake Arenal and Arenal Volcano. The best part about vacationing at Arenal Oasis Eco Lodge is its easy access to some of the nearby hiking trails or mountain biking trails while taking in the breathtaking views of the volcano.

Guests at Arenal Oasis Eco Lodge can also engage in bird watching with the opportunity to see a diverse array of Costa Rica’s native bird species, including the resplendent quetzal. Additionally, the lodge is known for its environmentally safe practices, including the use of solar heating and organic farming, which allows tourists to enjoy a sustainable travel experience while contributing to conservation efforts.

4. Si Como No Resort and Wildlife Refuge

Si Como No Resort, Spa & Wildlife Refuge in Manuel Antonio
Si Como No Resort, Spa & Wildlife Refuge located in Manuel Antonio

Explore the depths of the jungle in Costa Rica at the Si Como No Resort and Wildlife Refuge. Located in the heart of  Manuel Antonio, you can enjoy rainforest views and ocean activities, and beautiful private rooms. For newlyweds, Si Como No Resort has a romantic honeymoon suite option as well.

For wildlife enthusiasts, the wildlife refuge also makes this an excellent destination for spotting monkeys, sloths, and other wildlife.

In addition to wildlife viewing, Si Como No Resort and Wildlife Refuge offers a variety of eco-tours and activities, including canopy zip-lining, mangrove kayaking, and guided nature walks, allowing guests to fully engage with the rich biodiversity of the area. The resort also takes pride in its sustainability efforts, boasting energy-efficient designs and water conservation measures, which contribute to the protection of the local ecosystem, making it an ideal choice for eco-conscious travelers.

5. Amazonita Eco-Lodge

If you want something more rural, you’ll love the Amazonita Eco-Lodge. Located in the Osa Peninsula, you can explore the quaint village of do Brazos of Rio Tigre. For ultimate immersion, most of the guest rooms at the Amazonita Eco-Lodge are open-air, meaning no walls.

The Amazonita Eco-Lodge not only offers a unique living experience but also prioritizes eco-friendly practices, using solar power and sourcing local, organic food for guests, aligning with the values of responsible tourism. Adventure-seekers can delight in guided tours of the surrounding rainforest, home to an array of wildlife including monkeys, toucans, and potentially even jaguars. The lodge is also conveniently situated near the entrance to Corcovado National Park, making it an ideal base for those wishing to discover the park’s renowned natural beauty and biodiversity.

6. Ecolirios Boutique Hotel and Spa

One of the original Costa Rica eco hotels, Ecolirios Boutique Hotel and Spa is located in the mountains of Costa Rica, the Ecolirios Boutique Hotel has an on-site spa, a spring-fed swimming pool, and private villas. Beyond enjoying the natural pool at Ecolirios Boutique Hotel and Spa, explore nearby Barbila Park, try horse riding through the countryside, and enjoy the resort’s on-site restaurant.

Ecolirios Boutique Hotel and Spa offers a unique blend of comfort and conservation, representing the pinnacle of luxury hotel experiences in Costa Rica. As one of the premier eco hotels in the region, it provides guests with the opportunity to unwind in the midst of a lush rainforest, listening to the serene whispers of nature. Nestled deep within the heart of a cloud forest, Ecolirios is an idyllic retreat for travelers seeking tranquility and an intimate connection with the environment.

7. La Leona Eco Lodge

La Leona Eco Lodge surrounded by a tropical rainforest on the Osa Peninsula
La Leona Eco Lodge surrounded by a tropical rainforest on the Osa Peninsula coast

La Leona Eco Lodge is a more rustic luxury way of experiencing eco-resorts. Stay in tent cabins along the beach or the rainforest, and listen to the tropical ambiance as you fall asleep. You’ll hear the sounds of howler monkeys, tapirs, and scarlet macaws on the grounds.

La Leona Eco Lodge is also within walking distance of the Corcovado National Park, providing easy access for guests to explore one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet. This eco-lodge prides itself on sustainability, with operations designed to minimize environmental impact, an important consideration for eco-conscious travelers. Additionally, the lodge offers local guides for nature walks and tours, which not only supports the community but also enriches the guest experience with in-depth local culture of the flora and fauna.

8. Dantica Cloud Forest Lodge

Dantica Cloud Forest Lodge offers standalone rooms, bungalows, and private cabins. Enjoy one of the best national parks in Costa Rica, Corcovado National Park, and see capuchin and spider monkeys, sloths, anteaters, and scarlet macaws. A perk for staying at Dantica Cloud Forest Lodge is the opportunity to take guided forest walks at night within the resort to see the country’s nocturnal wildlife.

In addition to its proximity to Corcovado National Park, Danta Corcovado Lodge is known for its sustainable practices, allowing tourists to enjoy an eco-friendly stay without sacrificing comfort. It’s a gateway for eco-tourists aiming to immerse themselves in the pristine environment of Costa Rica, with the lodge’s design and operations deeply rooted in environmental conservation.

You also get more of a local community vibe at this eco-lodge since it’s hours from the big city of San Jose, meaning you can explore the smaller towns.

9. El Silencio Lodge & Spa

The El Silencio Lodge is located in the famous Costa Rica cloud forests and is just a short drive to the Poas Volcano. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Pacific Coast by staying at your upscale cabin at El Silencio Lodge & Spa with a private plunge pool and on-site fine dining.

For a memorable experience, check out the Rio Perdido—the beautiful luxury lodges on-site offer hotel guests direct access to the nearby natural spa experience. Guests also have access to the 600-acre private reserve of Guanacaste province, including horseback riding and an outdoor pool.

10. Tortuga Lodge

The Tortuga Lodge is one of the most invigorating eco lodges in Costa Rica. Tortuga Lodge is located on the Caribbean coast, you’ll find incredible ocean views, fantastic hiking trails through the rainforest, and once-in-a-lifetime kayaking through the mystical canals of Tortuguero National Park.

Additionally, Tortuga Lodge is strategically situated for those interested in the rich cultural tapestry of the area, offering opportunities for visitors to engage with local residents and learn about indigenous traditions. Its commitment to conservation and community development is a hallmark, ensuring that your stay contributes to the preservation of the natural wonders and cultural heritage of Costa Rica.

You’ll even catch nesting sea turtles along the coast if you’re lucky.

11. Pacific Edge Eco Lodge Near the Pacific Ocean

Staying at this resort also puts you just a few hours from Drake Bay and just one hour from the activity-filled Manuel Antonio National Park. Enjoy horseback riding tours or an upscale dining area at the Pacific Edge Lodge. 

The Pacific Edge Eco Lodge offers stunning panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, and is nestled amidst lush tropical rainforest, providing an immersive experience with nature. Tourists can also engage in eco-friendly practices and sustainability tours that highlight the lodge’s commitment to conserving the rich biodiversity of Costa Rica.

12. La Luna Lodge, Osa Peninsula

Considered one of the most beautiful eco lodges in the Osa Peninsula region, La Luna is only accessible by plane, boat, or foot. In such a remote location, the lodge has an almost unbeatable feeling of seclusion, so you can fully immerse yourself in nature with the help of open-air studio classes and guided hiking tours.

Additionally, La Luna Lodge is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, sitting in close proximity to Corcovado National Park, known for its rich biodiversity including exotic species like jaguars and scarlet macaws. For those seeking a sustainable travel option, the lodge operates with eco-friendly practices, ensuring a minimal environmental footprint, which is a vital consideration in the preservation of this pristine area.

13. Pacuare Lodge

Pacuare Lodge located in Costa Rica forest near Caribbean Coast
Pacuare Lodge located in a lush Costa Rica forest near the Caribbean Coast

The Pacuare Lodge is one of the top luxury eco-resorts in Costa Rica, with impressive scenery and exciting adventures. The lodge itself is located in the middle of Costa Rica’s wilderness preserves, with the Pacuare River flowing right through it. Spend the trip unwinding at the spa with your own garden views or dining underneath tropical trees and luminous stars.

For adventure-seekers, Pacuare Lodge offers exhilarating activities such as white-water rafting on the Pacuare River, which is renowned for its challenging rapids and stunning river gorge scenery. Additionally, guests interested in cultural experiences can engage with the local Cabécar indigenous community, providing a unique insight into the traditions and customs that have shaped the region.

14. Mira Flores Eco Lodge

The Mura Flores Eco Lodge is in Playa Chiquita, Puerto Viejo, a beautiful, beachy area of Costa Rica. The eco-lodge overlooks the Caribbean Sea with sweeping waterfront views and warm sandy terrain.

Add some romance to your Costa Rica getaway with horseback riding along the beach. The lodge itself is as close as you can get to staying in the jungle, with full-length windows overlooking the exciting wildlife.

Environmental conservationists will appreciate that Mira Flores Eco Lodge is committed to sustainable tourism, operating with eco-friendly practices to minimize its impact on the surrounding nature. For those interested in local flora and fauna, the lodge is ideally situated for guided nature walks to explore the rich biodiversity of the region, including the chance to spot sloths, toucans, and a myriad of tropical amphibians.

15. Finca Luna Nueva Lodge

Luna Nueva Lodge Finca, just a short distance from La Fortuna, has earned a reputation for its serene location and farm-to-table dining. Climb the 35-foot observation tower for memorable rainforest views, or soak away the stresses of travel in the on-site solar-heated jacuzzi. 

Finca Luna Nueva Lodge not only offers relaxation but also engages visitors with its organic spice farm tours, where tourists can learn about sustainable agriculture firsthand. Adventure enthusiasts will be thrilled with the proximity to Arenal Volcano National Park, a must-visit for hiking and wildlife spotting. Additionally, the lodge operates with ecological integrity, utilizing renewable energy and employing local staff, thus contributing to the community and offering an authentic Costa Rican experience.

16. Lapa Rios Lodge

Lapa Rios Lodge located in the remote Osa Peninsula
Lapa Rios Lodge located in the remote Osa Peninsula

The Lapa Rios Lodge prioritizes sustainability by protecting over 1,000 acres of tropical lowlands. Guests can stay in a villa overlooking the remote beauty of Costa Rica. When you’re ready for some adventure, venture over to the world-famous Osa Peninsula for impressive hiking and exploring.

At Lapa Rios Lodge, wildlife enthusiasts will find themselves in a biodiversity hotspot, home to many rare and endangered species like the Baird’s tapir and the harpy eagle. This eco-lodge also offers guided nature tours, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the rich ecosystem guided by local experts. Additionally, it’s a place of cultural exchange where tourists can participate in local community projects, promoting responsible tourism and offering a deeper understanding of the country’s heritage.

17. Arenas Del Mar Beachfront & Rainforest Resort

Arenas Del Mar Beachfront & Rainforest Resort epitomizes the luxury ecolodge concept, harmoniously blending opulence with ecological mindfulness. Situated in the coveted Manuel Antonio area, it boasts a private nature reserve and sits majestically on a cliff overlooking the azure Pacific. The use of solar panels and its commitment to environmental sustainability significantly reduces the carbon footprint, underscoring its status as one of the best ecolodges in Costa Rica.

The resort has direct access to two beautiful beaches, and guests can indulge in activities like surfing lessons, or simply revel in the spectacular views. With two restaurants that source from the resort’s own gardens, every meal offers not just nourishment but also a stunning view. Those staying at Arenas Del Mar are immersed in a lush landscape, where every room offers sweeping views of either the rainforest or ocean.

For nature lovers, the resort is surrounded by a verdant jungle teeming with wildlife, while still offering the comforts of luxurious amenities and pools. Ecolodges in Costa Rica are sought after for their ecotourism experiences, and Arenas Del Mar provides a unique experience with the perfect blend of relaxation, hike trails through the trees, and the relax ambiance of a lounge area. It’s the perfect place for a vacation where luxury ecolodges, pristine beaches, and the commitment to preserving the environment create an unparalleled unique experience of relaxation.

Other Ways to Enjoy the Eco-Tourism of Costa Rica

Known for sustainable hospitality, there’s no shortage of green activities in Costa Rica. From sustainability tours, incredible hiking, visiting one of the country’s nature parks, or stopping by rural communities, there are thousands of ways to support the robust sustainability campaign in Costa Rica. 

Remember – the great thing about Costa Rica’s environmental conservation efforts is that you don’t have to give up luxury to experience ecology tourism. If smaller, more secluded eco-lodges aren’t your thing, try sustainable luxury at a larger eco-friendly boutique like Vista Hermosa Estate.

Located in the beautiful beach town of Manuel Antonio, Vista Hermosa Estate stands as a pinnacle of boutique luxury eco lodge experiences, seamlessly melding environmental ethos with upscale comfort. This eco lodge built in 2016 is cradled by the verdant rainforest, and it is dedicated to eco-friendliness, only using natural cleaning products. Guests are treated to stunning views from a hotel that garners the highest accolades, with all of its reviews reflecting the highest rating available on Google.

Mere moments from the serene shoreline, it’s just steps from a beautiful beach, and the property is adorned with trees offering beautiful views of both the forest and sea. The accommodation provides first class amenities, establishing it as one of the most popular villas in Costa Rica. Nestled near a quaint town and tucked away in privacy, visitors can find serenity on the yoga deck or bask in the luxury of its prime location.

The estate proudly features a 3-sided infinity pool, setting the scene for an idyllic retreat popular for family vacations. The expansive layout, featuring 8 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms and can sleep up to 24 guests, offers an unrivaled stay for those seeking an exclusive getaway amidst nature’s majesty.


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