A Guide for Planning Corporate Events in Costa Rica

Planning corporate events can be a lot of work. It’s important to choose a destination that has something for everyone on your team. Choosing a location that’s exotic, convenient, and offers the amenities your team expects is difficult when you’re trying to cater to a large group. Everyone can agree that when it comes to an exhilarating company event, finding an exciting yet relaxing environment where team members can recharge, connect, and energize should be at the top of the list. 


Where can you find a place that offers tons of options for fun and exciting team-building activities? The answer is Costa Rica, which is well known for its incredible national wildlife parks, exciting nature tours and activities, and rich biodiversity. 


There are few places in the world where you can hike up a volcano, swim beneath a waterfall, zipline through the rainforest, raft down a winding river, and relax on a beautiful beach, all while coming back to spacious and luxurious accommodations. 


There are a lot of personality types to consider when planning a corporate retreat, and Costa Rica has something for everyone. In this guide, we’ll explore all that Costa Rica has to offer groups who are traveling for a New Year’s retreat, plus tips for planning your next holiday corporate bonding event in this lush paradise. 


Why Choose to have Corporate Events in Costa Rica

Company retreats are an excellent way to reward your employees and give them an opportunity to wind down after a long year, re-energize, and build bonds that will help them collaborate more efficiently when they return to work. Costa Rica serves as the perfect setting for your employees to enjoy a refreshing retreat, and this tropical paradise provides the following benefits: 

  • Creates opportunities for collaborative brainstorming
  • Shows your employees you value them
  • Prevents burnout
  • Allows your employees to connect and build relationships

Allowing your employees a chance to unwind, escape from the chaos, and talk big-picture strategies and ideas will not only make them feel more galvanized but can also create opportunities for new advancements for your business.


Costa Rica Brings Value to Your Company Retreat

Few places in the world can provide the landscape, amenities, and convenience you’ll find in Costa Rica. Consider planning your next business retreat in Costa Rica for these reasons, among others: 


World Class Services and Amenities 

The unmatched hospitality and service in Costa Rica make it a clear choice for corporate groups traveling for holiday retreats. Costa Rica’s world-class cuisine features exotic flavors and delicious fare that’s surprisingly affordable for large groups. 


Companies who book their team retreats in Costa Rica can enjoy the luxury and convenience of private chefs, schedule planning, airport transfers, flexible group rates, security, and all the amenities you need to ensure your team can focus on team bonding and synergy. 


Several Options for Team Building Activities

The incredibly diverse terrain of Costa Rica makes it a playground of natural wonders, outdoor activities, and gorgeous scenery. This Central American nation offers tons of activities for all ages and fitness levels, plus a diverse ecosystem that offers countless natural wonders you can’t see anywhere else. Exposing your employees to exciting excursions and unfamiliar landscapes can help them bond in unforgettable shared experiences. 


Year-Round Beautiful Weather 

Planning a New Year’s holiday retreat can be difficult due to frigidly cold temperatures in most areas of the world during this time of year. The Costa Rican climate during December and January is ideal, as this is the dry season for most of the country with temperatures generally between 7 and 80 degrees, making it a comfortable respite for your hardworking team. 

Planning your next corporate holiday event is simple when you consider all Costa Rica has to offer, allowing you to set up an exciting and memorable experience for your team. 


5 Team Bonding Activities to Plan for Your Corporate Retreat 

Finding a holiday retreat location for your team can be difficult when trying to appeal to employees with varying interests and activity levels. The variety of team-bonding opportunities in Costa Rica provides plenty of adventures your whole team can enjoy. 


1. Hiking

Enjoy a brisk hike with your team to get everyone’s blood and creative juices flowing while taking in the vibrant terrain of the Costa Rican rainforest.

2. Zip Lining

Ziplining is a low-impact yet exhilarating activity to help your team experience a heart-pounding rush of excitement they’ll surely remember. 

3. Horseback Riding

Enjoy a relaxing horseback ride with your employees and take in the sights while connecting with each other. 

4. White Water Rafting

White water rafting is a great bonding activity that promotes teamwork, collaboration, and excitement all in one. 


The many activities offered by the vast and wild Costa Rican landscape make it easy to set up an itinerary packed with exciting adventures to help your employees bond and make lasting memories, leading to a more tight-knit and collaborative work environment. 


Ring in the New Year in Costa Rica

New Year’s in Costa Rica is host to a variety of celebratory traditions that everyone can enjoy. You can look forward to tons of Costa Rican customs, including a few ways the locals like to ring in the new year:

  • Enjoy authentic food like tamales, ceviche, and lots of delicious barbeque 
  • Marvel at vibrant fireworks on the beach
  • Listen and learn the authentic holiday songs sung by Costa Rican natives 

Visiting Costa Rica is an exciting adventure at any time of year, but the New Year’s holiday is a great time to gather your employees for a corporate bonding event that will set them up for success in the year ahead. 


Book Your Company Getaway with Vista Hermosa Estate

It’s clear that Costa Rica is the prime choice for your team’s holiday event, so the only question left to answer is deciding where your team will stay. The breathtaking Vista Hermosa Estate, with its sprawling beachfront landscape and first-class accommodations for large groups, should be at the top of your list for a memorable bonding event for your team. 


This all-inclusive resort offers spacious and luxurious villas for large groups, plus personal chefs, cleaning staff, and concierge services to arrange for anything your team may need. Learn more about Vista Hermosa Estate and contact us today to book your corporate holiday event with ease. 


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